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Now is the time to open new doors to an economy where ALL communities thrive and New Mexico’s air, land, water, and wildlife are protected.

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climate & environment

New Mexico needs to act quickly and move forward with a just and equitable energy transition that sets the foundation for all of the state’s people and communities to thrive.

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We must advance economic growth and investments that prioritize the health and safety of New Mexicans and protect our air, land, water, and wildlife.

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If we come together to prioritize equity and justice in energy transition, we open a new door to a future where prosperity is accessible and educational opportunities are abundant; a future where Indigenous workers are the backbone of a renewable energy workforce; a future where the voices of our people have been elevated with meaningful participation and representation that results in true equity and justice.
- Ahtza Chavez, Executive Director, NAVA Education Project, Albuquerque NM, Diné/Kewa Pueblo

Opening new doors for New Mexico means we have the freedom, as people and communities, to move into the future on our own terms - terms defined by what we want, not what powerful fossil fuel CEOs and investors or the politicians that support them want.
- Erik Schlenker-Goodrich, Executive Director, Western Environmental Law Center, Taos, NM

If we are truly going to open new doors to an economy that meaningfully serves the needs of all New Mexicans, we must prioritize equity and justice. For too long, we have sacrificed marginalized and frontline communities to the fossil fuel industry's drive to feed our demand for oil and gas. Now is the time to change that dynamic, take responsibility for the unintended consequences of our actions, and open new doors so all New Mexicans can have access to clean air and good jobs, and the opportunities they need to truly prosper.
- Kurt Gutjahr, Executive Director, CAVU

New Mexicans are already feeling the devastating impacts of the climate crisis - a crisis made worse through the intentional and deliberate propping up of the fossil fuel industry. Opening new doors means we prioritize the health of communities, habitat, and water resources for all New Mexicans - rather than the profits of a few.
- Adrian Angulo, Deputy Director, New Mexico Wildlife Federation

Choosing abundance over scarcity, ensuring our incredible landscapes are here for those for whom we will be the ancestors, and knowing that the wisdom, resilience, and potential of our communities will guide a stronger future are some of the keys to opening new doors for New Mexico
- Amber Wallin, Executive Director, New Mexico Voices for Children

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Stories connect us to each other and help bring us together to open new doors for everyone.

Stories connect us in a world that has become too divisive. What’s your vision for New Mexico’s future? How has climage change impacted you?? We would love to hear your story and share it.